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The internet has made it possible to search for books, research articles and virtually everything that has ever been written. While this information explosion is a great help for people who want to learn and conduct their research, it has also given birth to the menace of plagiarism. When copyrighted content becomes readily available to copy and use; it leaves the doors wide open for plagiarism.

To counter this illegal practice, you need a top quality, state of the art plagiarism checker. Plagiarism detector has been launched and is the best online plagiarism checker currently available. If you don’t take our word for it, go ahead and try it.

Plagiarism in academics

The academic world has been the worst affected by plagiarism. Some students indulge knowingly and other unknowingly in this activity. College and university teachers no longer accept hand-written assignments from students as they have no way of checking if the student has copied someone else’s work.

Free plagiarism checker for teachers

Teachers need a plagiarism detector that they can rely on to check students’ assignments for plagiarism. There is some free plagiarism checker for teachers available on the internet. But we recommend teachers to use plagiarism detector which is a free plagiarism checker for teachers and does a thorough job.

It checks the submitted assignment against content on billions of websites. Wherever it suspects a sentence or a phrase or an entire paragraph has been copied; it will highlight it and display it in the results.

Teachers, stop your search for free plagiarism checker for teachers and try plagiarism detector. We guarantee you will be satisfied with the results.

Free online plagiarism checker for students

Students’ indulging in plagiarism has become a huge problem in academic institutions. Students who don’t know if they have inadvertently copied someone else’s assignment need a free online plagiarism checker for students. Most students are short on money, and they cannot afford to spend on a plagiarism checker application to find out that it does not do a thorough job. Students who want to avoid getting punished for plagiarism need a reliable plagiarism software application.

The plagiarism software should be up to date and should check submitted assignments against the billions of websites on the internet and not conduct a limited search, which some plagiarism software programs tend to do. Plagiarism detector works as a free online plagiarism checker for students as it’s not limited to be used by only a particular class of users.

Web content writers and bloggers

Writing web content and blogging have opened up new avenues for people to make money and voice their opinions. But what they have to be careful about is that they don’t indulge in plagiarism. Copying someone else’s written content and falsely claiming it to be their own is a punishable crime. Copyright laws protect any book, article, research paper and written content placed on websites. Copying it and not giving credit to the original author is a criminal offense.

Website content writers and bloggers also need to conduct a plagiarism test, and to do that they need to use anti-plagiarism software. Now, finding the best anti-plagiarism software is not an easy task. There are hundreds of websites that advertise anti-plagiarism software. But how good are they, only becomes known after they are tested. The majority of content writers and bloggers don’t have the luxury of time to search for suitable anti-plagiarism software.

They need the best plagiarism checker, and when they find the best free plagiarism checker, they will start using it. One, they won’t have to pay for the best free plagiarism checker and secondly, it will be reliable. They don’t want to be given a nasty shock by an author or website visitor pointing out that they have plagiarized another person’s work. Their reputation and the reputation of their websites are at stake. They will gladly pay to get the best plagiarism checker if they are convinced it is indeed the best.

How to check plagiarism

The question asked by students, bloggers and content writers are; how to check plagiarism? With the number of check paper for plagiarism sites advertised on the internet causes confusion. Plagiarism detector offers a very solution on how to check plagiarism. You can just go to the website which is easily found on Google and other popular search engines and copy/paste the text to check. Or you can copy files from your computer. If you need to check a particular web page, all you need to do is to enter the URL name.

Once you have submitted the content from whichever source you have selected; click on the ‘Check Plagiarism’ button. Wait for a few seconds while the program cross-checks the content against millions of websites. After it’s finished its work, it will display the results. If the content is plagiarism free, it will display a congratulatory message. If not it will list the plagiarized content and the website/s of the original content. It is the easiest way of learning how to check plagiarism.

Plagiarism Scanner

There are three reasons to use a good plagiarism scanner; they are:

  1. Although some people tend to use search engines to search for plagiarized material. It is not a reliable plagiarism tool to use as a plagiarism scanner. Search engines do not check some huge databases that contain periodicals, journals, and books. Good plagiarism scanner tools have access to these databases and check the paper for plagiarism against content stored in these data banks.
  2. A good plagiarism scanner will highlight the exact words that have been copied and the source from where they have been copied.
  3. Some essay plagiarism checker and check paper for plagiarism tools also give a plagiarism checker percentage. Some universities use a plagiarism checker percentage and allocate a certain percentage that students are permitted to use.


Now that you know what plagiarism is and why you must avoid it. Go ahead and use plagiarism detector. We are pretty sure you won't regret it as it will crawl all the websites and perform a through plagiarism check.